The International Academic Advisory Board (IAAB) serves as an advisory organ, providing recommendations on matters related to education, training and research. It currently consists of ten eminent academic personalities and experts in the fields of anti-corruption. All members of the IAAB were unanimously elected by the Board of Governors in June 2013. Six had been unanimously elected by the Steering Committee in spring 2010 during the transition phase, and were subsequently reelected en bloc by the Board of Governors.


Members serve in their individual capacity. They are:

Kühne  Hans-Heiner Kühne





Li  Daniel Ming-chak Li

  (Vice Chairperson)




Calinescu Cornel Calinescu





Oh  Pil Hwan Oh





Kodi  Muzong Kodi





Lafitsky  Vladimir I. Lafitsky





Pakstaitis  Laurynas Pakstaitis





Schneider  Friedrich Schneider





Taseva  Slagjana Taseva





Thony  Jean-François Thony