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The Provisional Commission was a transitional organ of IACA, mandated with preparations in view of the Assembly of Parties. It was established on 13 October 2011 by the Resolution of the IACA Provisional Assembly Establishing the Provisional Commission, and dissolved on 29 November 2012 with the convening of the Assembly of Parties. The Commission had brought together representatives of all of IACA’s Signatories and Parties. During its lifespan, it had five sessions and series of informal consultations. The Commission is credited with having prepared some of the most fundamental documents for endorsement by the first session of the Assembly of Parties.

The officers of the Provisional Commission were, H.E. Eugenio M. Curia (President, Argentina); Itai Apter (Vice President, Israel); H.E. Helmut Böck (Vice President, Austria); Anca Jurma (Vice President, Romania); Pakdee Pothisiri (Vice President, Thailand); H.E. Ukur Yatani (Vice President, Kenya); and Sofia Zakharova (Vice President, Russian Federation).

Documents adopted by the Provisional Commission for endorsement by the 1st Assembly of Parties



The International Steering Committee was a transitional organ of IACA, established in October 2008 and dissolved on 8 March 2011 with IACA becoming an international organization. The Committee adopted the Academy’s policies, regulated management and the transitional work programme. In addition, it reviewed the progress of IACA’s activities and gave strategic direction to the International Transition Team in carrying out preparatory work for the Academy to become an international organization. The Committee had brought together senior representatives of IACA’s initiating partners – UNODC, the Republic of Austria, OLAF – and other stakeholders.

The Steering Committee’s members were, Martin Kreutner (Chairperson, 2009 - 2011); H.E. Helmut Böck; Hans Brieger; Franz-Hermann Brüner (†), Wolfgang Hetzer; John Sandage; Brigitte Strobel-Shaw; Elisabeth Tichy-Fisslberger; Muhyieddeen Touq; and Dimitri Vlassis.


The International Transition Team carried out the Academy’s daily operations. The team included approximately 20 international professionals and personnel seconded by IACA’s Parties and stakeholders. With their different skills and backgrounds, the members of this International Transition Team negotiated a host of issues, such as the planning and implementation of programmes and events, legal matters and cooperation arrangements, external relations, communications and outreach, administration, finances, and facility management. Moreover, the team served as a secretariat to both the Provisional Commission and Provisional Assembly. During the transition phase, it was also responsible for groundwork in view of IACA becoming an international organization.

The International Academic Advisory Board (IAAB) serves as an advisory organ, providing recommendations on matters related to education, training and research. It currently consists of ten eminent academic personalities and experts in the fields of anti-corruption. All members of the IAAB were unanimously elected by the Board of Governors.


Members serve in their individual capacity. They are:

Kühne  Hans-Heiner Kühne (Germany)


  Professor of Criminal Law, European and international criminal law,

  criminal procedure law, and criminology, University of Trier


Li  Daniel Ming-chak Li (China)

  (Vice Chairperson)

  Former Deputy Commissioner and Head of Operations,

  Hong Kong Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC)


Calinescu Cornel Calinescu (Romania)

 Head of the National Office for Crime Prevention and Cooperation

 with Asset Recovery Offices



Oh  Pil Hwan Oh (Republic of Korea)

  Professor, Baekseok University




Kodi  Muzong Kodi (DRC)

  Associate Fellow of the Africa Programme, Chatham House




Lafitsky  Vladimir I. Lafitsky (Russian Federation)

  Member of the Helsinki Committee and Professor of Law,

  Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL)



Pakstaitis  Laurynas Pakstaitis (Lithuania)

  Associate Professor, Institute of Criminal Law and Procedure,

  Mykolas Romeris University



Schneider  Friedrich Schneider (Austria)

 Professor of Economics, Johannes Kepler University Linz




Taseva  Slagjana Taseva (The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)

 Committee Member, Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring

 and Evaluation Committee (MEC)



Thony  Jean-François Thony (France)

  Attorney General, Court of Appeal of Colmar




The International Senior Advisory Board (ISAB) serves as an advisory organ to the Academy, reflecting on its activities and offering observations and advice on how the highest standards can be met and maintained. The Board currently consists of 11 eminent personalities with outstanding credentials from a wide variety of backgrounds. All members of the ISAB were unanimously elected by the Board of Governors.


Members serve in their individual capacity. They are:


 Michael Hershman (USA)


Group CEO, International Centre for Sports Security (ICSS)

Co-founder of Transparency International


Labelle  H.E. Huguette Labelle (Canada)

 (Vice Chairperson)

 Chair, Senate Advisory Board

 Former Chair of the Board of Directors of Transparency International 


Terry Bell

  Terry A. Bell (USA)

   Vice President, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer Motorola




Curia  H.E. Eugenio M. Curia (Argentina)

 Ambassador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship



Alfred Heiter

  Alfred Heiter (Austria)

  Director Fiscal and Legal Policy, Federation of Austria Industries




georg krakow

  Georg Krakow (Austria)

  Partner at Baker McKenzie, Vienna
  Compliance, Commercial Criminal Law,
  Internal Investigations, Anti-Corruption



Mahakun  Vicha Mahakun (Thailand)

 Dean, Faculty of Law, Rangsit University, Patumthani/Thailand




de Michele  Roberto de Michele (Argentina)

  Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)




Navarro  Luiz Augusto Fraga Navarro de Britto Filho (Brazil)

  Former Minister of the General Comptroller of the Union (CGU)

  Counselor of the Public Ethics Committee of the Presidency

  of the Republic (CEP)


Ouko  Edward Ouko (Kenya)





Tichy-Fisslberger  H.E. Elisabeth Tichy-Fisslberger (Austria)

  Director General for Legal and Consular Affairs, Federal Ministry

  for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, and National Coordinator

  on Combatting Human Trafficking




Dogan  Fazli Dogan (Turkey)

  (2013 - 2018)




Fraser-Moleketi  H.E. Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi (Former Member/South Africa)

  (2013 - 2015)



OKeefe  (†) Barry O’Keefe

  (2013 - 2014)




Pieth  Mark Pieth (Switzerland)

  (2013 - 2018)




Martin KreutnerMartin Kreutner

Dean of IACA
(2012 – present)

Curriculum Vitae



At its first session on 30 November 2012, the Board of Governors unanimously elected Martin Kreutner as IACA’s first Dean.

The Dean is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Academy and its substantive programme. He is supported by the IACA team, and reports and is accountable to the Board of Governors.

The Dean’s powers include (Article IX, IACA Agreement):

  • Representing the Academy externally
  • Ensuring the proper administration of the Academy, including human resources and financial management
  • Preparing the work programme and budget of the Academy for consideration by the Board and adoption by the Assembly
  • Implementing the work programme and budget
  • Submitting to the Board annual and ad hoc reports on the activities of the Academy, including an annual audited statement of the Academy’s accounts
  • Proposing the establishment of cooperative relationships in accordance with Article XIII (Cooperative Arrangements) for approval by the Board
  • Coordinating the work of the Academy with the work of the Parties to this Agreement and other international and national institutions, agencies and networks as relevant taking into account the relevant recommendations and guidelines of the Assembly and the Board as well as advice from the International Senior Advisory Board and the International Academic Advisory Board
  • Entering into contracts and arrangements on behalf of the Academy and negotiating international agreements for consideration by the Board and approval by the Assembly
  • Actively seeking appropriate funding for the Academy and accepting voluntary contributions on behalf of the Academy in accordance with the relevant Board strategies and guidelines as well as the financial regulations
  • Undertaking other assignments or activities as may be determined by the Board

The Board of Governors is the Academy’s main governing organ, and was established on 29 November 2012. Nine members of the Board were elected by the first session of the Assembly of Parties while two were appointed by Austria and UNODC as initiating partners.

With six terms expiring in 2015, new members were (re-) elected at the fourth session of the Assembly of Parties. All regional groups are represented in the Board of Governors.


Board members serve in their individual capacity. They are:


Vetere   Eduardo Vetere (UNODC)

   (2012 - present, Chairperson 2016 - present)

   Former Director of the Division for Treaty Affairs of UNODC



Pakdee Pothisiri   Pakdee Pothisiri (Thailand)

   (2012 - present, Vice Chairperson 2016 - present)

   Former Commissioner, National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC)




Patricia   Patricia Ximena Arriagada Villouta (Chile)

   (2015 - present)

   Comptroller General



Dubik   Sergey N. Dubik (Russian Federation)

   (2012 - present)

   State Secretary, State Corporation “Roskosmos”



Feiner   Hermann Feiner (Austria)

   (2012 - present)

   Director-General of the Directorate-General IV

   (Services and Supervision), Federal Ministry of the Interior



Vusal Huseynov photo   Vusal Huseynov (Azerbaijan)

   (2015 - present)

   Assembly Member, Parliamentary Assembly



Kassim   Abu Kassim bin Mohamed (Malaysia)

   (2012 - present, Vice Chairperson 2012 - 2015)

   Chief Advisor/Head of the Governance, Integrity, and

   Anti-Corruption Centre, Universiti Teknologi MARA



Sergio   Sérgio Nogueira Seabra (Brazil)

   (2015 - present)

   Controller General of the Union, Direction and Administration,

   Federal Secretary of Attached Internal Control



   NtaEkpo Nta (Nigeria)

   (2015 - present)

   Chairman of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other

   Related Offences Commission (ICPC)



  PopovaH.E. Margarita Popova (Bulgaria)

  (2012 - present, Chairperson 2012 - 2016)

   Former Vice President of Bulgaria (2012-2017)


Touq   H.E. Muhyieddeen Shaban Touq (Jordan)

   (2015 - present)

   (former) Commissioner General for Human Rights





Tapia Fernandez  Jorge Juan de Dios Fernández Tapia (Former Member/Bolivia)

  (2012 - 2015)




Kim  Young Ran Kim (Former Member/Republic of Korea)

  (2012 - 2015)




Mordechai Kremnitzer  Mordechai Kremnitzer (Former Member/Israel)

  (2012 - 2015)




Morar  Daniel Marius Morar (Former Member/Romania)

  (2012 - 2015)




Villanueva Bracho  Cecilia Villanueva Bracho (Former Member/Mexico)

  (2012 - 2014)